Welcome to Naked Objects Group

Naked Objects Group seeks to simplify the development of business applications, by eliminating the need to write multiple layers of code. We believe that all of your development effort should be focussed on a single layer - the 'domain object model' that represents the core of your business. In support of this goal we have developed the following open-source software products:

Naked Objects for .NET

A .NET framework that implements the naked objects architectural pattern. It takes a POCO domain object model and, using reflection, creates a fully-functional web application in minutes, without requiring a single line of user interface code to be written. You can then customise the generic user interface by adding custom style sheets, custom views and custom controllers, following standard ASP.NET MVC patterns.

The framework can also create a complete RESTful API to that model, conforming to the Restful Objects specification.

The following videos show Naked Objects in action:

Please note that these videos show an early version of the framework, which has since changed. For a guide to writing your first application using the current framework, please refer to the current Developer Manual.

Spiro - Single Page Interface for Restful Objects

A set of JavaScript libraries that facilitate the creation of 'single-page app' style clients to any application server that provides a Resftul Objects API.

About Us

Naked Objects Group is a limited company registered in the UK (number 04842860). We provide commercial consulting services in relation to the use, and extension of the Naked ObjectsFramework and Spiro Libraries.

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Naked Objects Group Ltd
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Email: direct initial enquiries to rpawson at nakedobjects.net

Telephone: +44 (0)1491 845445